About Us

Plumbco Commercial & Civil Ltd.


From the tendering process through to completion on-site – we believe in taking a highly proactive and professional approach to all aspects of the job - this is what sets us apart from the rest!


Plumbco has a well organised team structure that has been designed to ensure client’s needs are met, deadlines achieved and budgets maintained.

Plumbco has highly experienced Management staff that interact directly with the client, managing the relationship and coordinating the work on-site. Our top management are supported by a team of estimators and Project Managers who work closely with the Site Foreman and supervisors directing a large team of highly skilled tradesmen.

Occupational Health and Safety is of the utmost importance to Plumbco and strict procedures are followed to ensure a safe working environment. ‘Site Safe’ is the cornerstone of our health and safety plan and all Plumbco staff hold current ‘Site Safe’ passports.


We are committed to delivering on time and within budget. We achieve this by maximising our team structure and by maintaining a direct relationship with our clients. Our large number of installers provides the flexibility to place staff where needed without causing delays without impacted other projects.

Quality Assurance

Plumbco will guarantee you receive a quality finished product of the highest possible standard by putting all work through a rigorous ‘Quality Assurance Plan’. Photos of works are also done continuously throughout each contract and are available on request. As built plans are supplied to confirm all works that are required to be different from the working drawings. All first fix and second fix stages are scrutinised and completed by the Site Supervisor and confirmed by the Project Manager this ensures quality is at the foremost of each project.


The varied scope of work and success of previous projects has made Plumbco one of New Zealand’s leading plumbing companies. Our clients know they can put their trust in our expertise – they’ve experienced the results.

“ We are continuously striving to deliver high quality projects with strong emphasis in Quality Assurance and Health and Saftey while completing the project on time and within budget. ”