The following is a limited list of our services. To get a comprehensive list, or to discuss your specific project needs, please give our expert team a call today and we can answer any questions that you have about any aspect of our work.

hydraulic design

Hydraulic Design

Our design expertise has naturally been at the centre of our most complex projects. We have undertaken research and developed custom software to accurately quantify your project material and time allocations. At the quantifying of costs for each project we can offer cost savings through design change or alternative product supply.



Big enough to look after all your plumbing needs. At every site meeting, on every job, you will find at least one quantity surveyor, project manager and supervisor ensuring a smooth process and clear communication.

gas fitting


We can meet your gas fitting requirements including quantifying the number of appliances, managing connections to the street, and performing gas volume testing for stoves. We have multiple Certifying Gasfitters and Plumbers to ensure quality workmanship.



With a historic range of successful drainage products, in-house equipment and expertise, we are continuing to prove ourselves as the premium choice for commercial drainage in New Zealand.

acoustic testing

Acoustic Testing

We can perform a full spectrum of acoustic tests and have successfully carried out testing on a large number of unique and complex installations.



We own and maintain our own fleet of construction equipment including 13.5 ton, 8.8 ton, 5.5 ton and 2 ton late model excavators. Each job, you have a QS, PM and Supervisor to attend the site meetings.

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